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*Disclaimer - This information neither confirms or denies the outrageous possibilities present in our realities at this time. Some of this information may sound incredulous and perhaps it is. The presentation risks the credibility of the presenter, although the reflection is one of attempting to corroborate, corrolate and correspond with others of like experience. This presentation is intended for educational purposes only... no ego without wego.

As incredulous as that might sound, imagine what it is like to have a constant, yet inconsistent,zendor melchizedek presentation throughout your life of something beyond this world yet inextricably connected. This presentation includes every aspect of your life and is at times all-consuming. Meanwhile, there is a daily living experience that is much the same as everyone else, inclusive of bill paying, relationship building and professional work. As you read further, imagine what you might do in the same situation and ponder the outcome.

I was orphaned at birth and adopted at six weeks old on the anniversary of my new parental units. I have discovered many things in my quest for family origins. I had a very profound Near Death Experience as a teenager that left me insatiably curious about life here on Earth. I was taken beyond the light, informed of my purpose and condensed back into my body afterward.

I have spent my life in various personal and professional endeavors, learning the manners of human emotion and interaction. My inner life has been even more profound as many worlds and the intelligences in them have engaged me in a variety of ways. Maybe you have had similar experiences. Do you question your origins and the nature of reality here on Earth? Have you noticed a particular design that seems to be at the core of your life experience? Take some time to view the video to your left, an exploration into consciousness.

Obviously you got here by that same design, hopefully still questioning the nature and purpose of life yourself. I've had one wild ride on the path of self-discovery. I trust we'll share a moment for our mutual gain. I've found there is a consistency in the quantum entanglement of humanity - the proof that we, indeed, are ONE. 

The most conundrum-filled discovery is the apparent lineage I share with ancestors from across the universe. I didn't believe it at first and still tend to do more to disprove it than not. The 'battle' has led me to experience and understand 'oneness' in very practical and purposeful ways. I know there are more family members here and I'm just breaking the silence... for all of us.

Zendor the Contrarian

The clip to the left is from a UFO panel introduction in 2012. Listen for the short sidebar on anal probes that is a bit humorous, but definitely serious if you've had the experience. There is a scientific understanding that makes it relevant.

I've had a very rich professional life, yet remain quite the contrarian in the face belief systems. How does one go about relating a seemingly incredulous story that happens to be true? As far as a direct experience of non-linear and non-local reality, I suggest engaging the Multi-Plane Awareness technique. It has worked for thousands to date.

I have written a semi-detailed account of my life and the plethora of postulations that has led me to the discovery and understanding of a deeper level of identity that few ever explore let alone find. The book, Zendor the Contrarian - A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruence of Science and Spirituality, is a deeply moving work and very intriguing read for the novice as well as seasoned explorer.

Alternative realities and the possibility of multiple dimensions become real as you explore how vulnerability can open your doors of perception and offer a new living awareness through faith, love and trust. Identity is elusive at best. Beyond the physical where all is vibration, there is no need for names anyway.

I'm just sharing my experience in life here, what's happened and what it might mean. Quite honestly, I take it all with a grain of salt, more like a shaker, and yet find experiences beyond this world to be potent with possibility for us on Earth.

I've taken the risk so that others aren't so intimidated and may even find encouragement to create conversations that lead to harmony within themselves and the world around them. I've recently curated a collection of information at UFOlogyPRSS for those seeking resources.






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